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Every Christmas we gather by the log fire in the warm Hearth at St Ethelwold’s House and share festive nibbles, sing carols and give little presents. Anyone interested in reducing Abingdon’s carbon footprint can come!

This year we will start by making a seasonal table decoration to take home, from natural materials – leaves, berries, cones – Lucille is going to bring plenty for all, including some small terracotta pots, but if you want to bring your own small pot or dish, or some extra trimmings, please do!

Mulled wine or mulled apple juice from the Summer pressing will be provided, but bring something sweet (or a savoury nibble) to go with it!

Our Secret Santa has a twist – every gift must have cost you almost nothing! Either something you made yourself, an unwanted gift, or something recycled – be creative! To join in, just bring a gift. If you don’t want to bring one that’s fine, come anyway!

And to finish the evening, Christine will lead us in singing some carols or other festive songs, with her fabulous accompaniment on the piano.

It’s a good time to get to know other carbon cutters and have fun. See you there?

Weds 20th Dec, 7.30pm – 9.30pm The Hearth, St Ethelwold’s House. See the website for full details:


with a difference………………….

Come and hear a talk by Richard Clarke on the History of St Ethelwolds House followed by festive food round a log fire, drinks, camaraderie, and perhaps a carol or two.
Open to invited staff and supporters of St Ethelwolds and their families.
St Ethelwold’s House, 30 East St Helen Street, Abingdon
6.30pm – 8.30pm
Friday 15 December 2017
RSVP to office by 8 December

LOVE YOGA WITH OLGASt Ethelwolds New Poster

Olga is 200 HR Yoga Alliance certified teacher graduated in Vinyasa Yoga at Yoga London School. She emphasizes importance of a deep breathing and encourages students to look for energy within, move their bodies gracefully and with control, always strive for effort without tension. Her classes are mixture of dynamic flow and restorative asana suitable for all levels. She creates a safe place to practice, providing strong visual and verbal instruction and some hands on assist. She believes strength, confidence and calmness, that students gain on mat subsequently boosts their immunity and increases concentration and clear thinking in daily life.

All levels welcome.

Join her on Monday evenings for dynamic flow and Thursdays for stretch and restore sessions. Monday/Thursday 7 – 8 pm £10 per session.

The SanctuarySpaces for quiet reflection at St Ethelwold’s

We can see from the visitors’ book in the little River Room that many people use St Ethelwold’s as a place to drop in and find a space for quiet refection and restoration. The Garden is hugely appreciated for its beauty, thanks to Susie, Bev, Petra and others, and has its regular and occasional visitors. The River Rooms are a surprise and delight to many and have recently been redecorated by Mohammad, our Syrian guest, and Sue.

Some while ago we also set aside what we called the Quiet Room at the front of the House as a place people could use on weekday afternoons by just dropping in.

We have found that it has been very little used, compared to the Garden and River Rooms, and that there have been needs for the space that we have wanted to respond to.

The room has long been used by counsellors in the evening, and over the last year it has been a base for teaching English to our Syrian guest. Now more Syrian refugee families are coming to our area, and Host Abingdon, which grew out of St Ethelwold’s, has a substantial teaching programme to offer which we want to host in the Quiet Room.

Finally, the new group More in Common is joining with Host Abingdon to offer a Community Drop-in on a monthly Saturday morning using the Quiet Room and the Garden Room.

So, the Quiet Room quickly became the Quiet-ish Room, and now often buzzes with conversation! Maybe we will re name it, any ideas?

Feelings at St Ethelwold’s are mixed – mostly we are delighted to have the room so well used for such good things. It was originally a school room for Dorothea, so it seems right that learning goes on there still.

But we are sorry that a potential quiet space, even one little used, is no longer as available.

However, you are encouraged to use the Garden and River Rooms at any time the gates are open, and you are welcome to use the Sanctuary in St Ethelwold’s for meditation and reflection whenever it is not in use – you can find out by checking on the whiteboard which faces you as you come into St Ethelwold’s by the side door. So there are plenty of opportunites still to be enjoyed.

Note cards with views of St Ethelwold’sscan0003

scan0002You may also be interested to know that we now have these beautiful note cards with paintings of St Ethelwold’s and its nooks available to buy, thanks to Marion Owen who has spent much time looking, enjoying and painting in our Garden. Do have a look when you are next in.scan0004