Autumn Leaves Fall
Have you noticed that at this time of year Council workers sweep up the leaves into plastic bags marked ‘Street Arisings’. One might allow oneself a smile, thinking of the leaves ‘arising’ as if of their own accord, from the pavements, and rising perhaps to join the angels in some leaf heaven in the sky.
There is something special about the autumn leaves, the rich colours and the sheer pleasure of scuffing one’s feet through piles of dried leaves.  The green colours of leaves in the summer come from the chlorophyll that that takes the life energy of the sun and transforms it into the life energy of the leaf. When, in the autumn, the wonderful golds, yellows and oranges emerge, the glory of the true colours only come out as this inner life energy of the leaf dies away: in the same way the true colours of each individual person come out in all their glory as the energy of their inner self-centredness dies away.
This is what Rumi is pointing to when he wrote:
Inside of us there is a continual autumn,
Our leaves fall and are blown out all over the world.
The freedom that comes with the discovery of one’s own inner ‘autumn’ often happens when people find inner peace.  St Ethelwold’s House encourages this transformation by offering people a place to find some peace and quiet in a busy life.

Art Weeks 2018: An invitation to exhibit

In recent years we have welcomed artist groups and individual artists to use our spaces to exhibit their work during Artweeks.
It has turned out to be one of the major events of the year in terms of visitor numbers to the house and we have always appreciated the opportunity it brings us to introduce new people to St Ethelwold’s as well as to welcome familiar faces.
It has been a successful venue from the artists’ point of view due to its central location on the Abingdon Artweeks trail. We would like to participate in Artweeks 2018 and are inviting artists to contact the office here by 1st December to register their interest. We can then work out a suitable sharing of our spaces to offer an attractive exhibition. We are happy to offer our spaces free of charge but on a commission-sharing basis–we do usually raise additional funds for St Ethelwold’s through selling tea and cakes.

Some call it God; some call it Love.  Once a month we explore the deeper mystery behind all life using poetry, music, readings and a simple ritual such as lighting a candle.  Exploring the Mystery uses the inspiration of all religions and spiritual traditions in a setting of quiet reflection and fellowship.
Click here if you would like to see some of our Exploring the Mystery celebrations. ALL WELCOME.


Every Monday 12.30 – 1.15 p.m. Free or by donation
This regular group explores Mindfulness both as a way of life and as a meditation practice.  Each session includes an introductory talk, some mindfulness practices and a chance to share experience.
For more information contact Adrian at 

Every Friday 12.30 – 1.15 p.m. Free or by donation
Half an hour of silent meditation introduced by a short reading by some music.  The readings may be taken from different religious or spiritual traditions or may be poems.  Participants in the group take it in turns to offer the introduction to the meditation.
For more information contact Adrian

And finally
What with the Community-Tea Drop-In and with the English classes at St Ethelwolds, more young children are coming to St Ethelwolds House which is a delight.
We have done some risk assessments and we need some bits and pieces that someone might like to donate:

  • A large fire screen to go in front of the log fire in the Garden Room. Ideally it needs to be foldable for storage after use.
  • A wide stair-gate to go at the bottom of the stairs.
  • Plastic covers to go over electric sockets which are not in use.

If you can help please text or phone Sue on 07964 433720

With love and blessings from
The Fellowship of St Ethelwold