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Being a Supporter of St Ethelwold’s

Who are the Supporters of St Ethelwold’s and what does being a Supporter involve?


Circle dancing in the garden at St Ethelwold’s

There are lots of ways to support the vision and purpose of this beautiful place, which offers peace and restoration to all, and the opportunity to explore the spiritual life in an open and inclusive way.

Perhaps you support us already, as all those who attend any of the regular events that are held on the premises are also Supporters with a capital ‘S’.

But if you would like to offer something more, the ways of supporting St Ethelwold’s are many and varied.  They range from taking on the responsibility of a Trustee to helping deadhead the flowers in the Garden, to offering financial support.

If you would like to do something practical here are some ideas of ways in which you could help.

You could:

Take care of our little River Room by sweeping out leaves, replacing newsletters when needed, giving general tender loving care

Work with Susie and Bev in our beautiful Garden

Bake cakes for us occasionally

Give a hand with our monthly Teas on Sunday afternoons (If you have always wanted to run a tea shop this is your chance!)

Distribute posters and top up our leaflets around town

Take care of our Quiet Room, no cleaning needed but topping up tea and coffee supplies, picking flowers from the Garden and arranging, making it welcoming

Help to organize our library and archive, lots of interesting materials to work on

Offer ideas for developing what we do – connect with our Advice and Support Group

Be a welcoming presence in the House and Garden for a few hours…while enjoying the peace and beauty yourself!

Give a regular financial donation through standing order, £10 per year, or per month, or per week even, depending on your circumstances.

Finding out more

If you would like to find out more about supporting St Ethelwold’s we would be delighted to hear from you.  Please contact Sue Colclough either by emailing

or by leaving a message on our phone 01235 555486 with your contact phone number.