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wheretofindusLOVE YOGA WITH OLGA

Olga is 200 HR Yoga Alliance certified teacher graduated in Vinyasa Yoga at Yoga London School. She emphasizes importance of a deep breathing and encourages students to look for energy within, move their bodies gracefully and with control, always strive for effort without tension. Her classes are mixture of dynamic flow and restorative asana suitable for all levels. She creates a safe place to practice, providing strong visual and verbal instruction and some hands on assist. She believes strength, confidence and calmness, that students gain on mat subsequently boosts their immunity and increases concentration and clear thinking in daily life.

All levels welcome.

Join her on Monday evenings for dynamic flow and Thursdays for stretch and restore sessions. Monday/Thursday 7 – 8 pm £10 per session


Please feel free to browse the books in St Eth’s library, kept in the Garden Room and Quiet Room. They cover spirituality, world religions, ethics, literature and history of Abingdon. There are also books kept by Abingdon Peace Group and Carbon Cutters on relevant issues.

Please check the rooms are not occupied by looking at bookings on the white board which faces as you enter the building through the side door. If there is no booking then do go in and browse.

If you would like to borrow a book please sign it out and in again in the book kept on the little table outside the Garden Room. If you come to return a book you can either put it back on the self it came from or leave it on the table with the book.


Some call it God; some call it Love. Once a month we explore the deeper mystery behind all life using poetry, music, readings and a simple ritual such as lighting a candle. Exploring the Mystery uses the inspiration of all religions and spiritual traditions in a setting of quiet reflection and fellowship.

Click here if you would like to see some of our Exploring the Mystery celebrations. The next ‘exploration’ will on Sunday 27th August at 5.00 p.m. ALL WELCOME.

Every Monday 12.30 – 1.15 p.m. Free or by donation. This regular group explores mindfulness both as a way of life and as a meditation practice. Each session includes an introductory talk, some mindfulness practices and a chance to share experience.
For more information contact Adrian at adrianrance220@gmail.com

Every Tuesday 7.00 – 8.15 p.m. £5 per session.

Guided visualization meditations is open to anyone who wishes to focus on positive energies, recharge their batteries and connect with their inner self. Bring comfortable clothing and a yoga mat if you like to lie down during meditation. Contact Karen Jane
Facebook: Guided Meditation Group at karenjanesoulsessions
email: karenjanesoulsessions@gmail.com

Every Friday 12.30 – 1.15 p.m. Free or by donation

Half an hour of silent meditation introduced by a short reading by some music. The readings may be taken from different religious or spiritual traditions or may be poems. Participants in the group take it in turns to offer the introduction to the meditation.
For more information contact Adrian at adrianrance220@gmail.com


Marriage Caremarriage_care_logo


Marriage Care offers couple counselling and relationship support. We specialise in helping couples, whether they are married or not, to build & sustain strong, happy, fulfilling relationships that last the test of time.

St Ethelwold’s House provides the perfect setting for Marriage Care to be able to carry out this worthwhile work with couples.  It provides a quiet, comfortable, safe and private environment for our highly trained volunteer counsellors to work with couples to develop or repair their relationships.

Marriage Care’s relationship counselling service is delivered through one or more 50 minute sessions with couples, or with an individual if requested.  Sessions are face-to-face and are completely confidential. The individual or couple will be given a regular weekly appointment which is theirs for as long as they need it, as agreed with the counsellor.

Please contact us: 0800 389 3801.


Fresh Vision

An open group for discussion and exploration by people who regard themselves as liberal Christians.  Discussions are not limited by the need to adhere to doctrine or tradition and group members are encouraged to express their views freely.  We do not always agree with each other but we always respect each other’s views.
Meets on the last Wednesday evening of each month 7.30 p.m. in the Garden Room

A gentle introduction with Lucy Tennyson to the basics of hatha yoga focusing on breath and relaxation. Classes are on Wednesday afternoons or evenings.

Lucy is particularly interested in working with complete beginners, older people, or those who have not tried yoga before. For a chat or to book a place call 0771 520 7784 or 0771 520 7784.

Spiritual Accompaniment    

If you would like to talk one to one about challenging life events or about your spiritual journey, however that may be unfolding contact Laura Hodges on 01235 527654 to arrange a time to meet in the peace and tranquillity of St Ethelwold’s House.

No fee charged, but if you are able to make a donation towards the running costs of St Ethelwold’s that would be much appreciated.

Laura says, “In 2005 I was ordained as a Church of England priest, but my own spiritual journey led me to reject religious doctrine and I eventually resigned my orders.  I now value the guidance of teachers such as Eckhart Tolle and Thich Nhat Hanh”.

Abingdon Spirituality Group
Meets monthly on a Tuesday evening. Contact Pauline Sykes on 01235 523492 or 01235 523492.

Carbon Cutters
Meets monthly. Contact Sally Reynolds at carbon.cutters@gmail.com or Susie Howard on 01235 533278 or 01235 533278.

Share a Poem Group
Meets monthly on 1st Wed of the month at 2.30p.m. Contact Justin Gosling, email him at justin.gosling@seh.ox.ac.uk. Phone 01235 523310 or 01235 523310. Contact David Taylor, davicletay@btopenworld.com for further information.