Our vision and purpose

peoplephotoOur core unchanging purposes are to:

  • Celebrate and reflect on the Christian tradition at the heart of St Ethelwold’s House while welcoming, learning from and sharing nourishment with those from other faiths and spiritual paths;
  • Provide a place of peace and tranquility, centred in the practice of meditation and stillness;
  • Be open in heart and mind to exploration rather than dogma;
  • Reach out to our local community.

Our vision and purpose is currently expressed in the daily life of St Ethelwold’s by:

  • Offering regular meditation and an ‘Agape‘ celebration
  • Organising a programme of courses, spiritual practice and retreats;
  • Offering spiritual companionship;
  • Encouraging interfaith encounter and action;
  • Carefully tending the House and Garden, and ensuring that all we do is informed by a deep commitment to the environment;
  • Welcoming individuals and groups from our local community who want to offer life-enhancing social, community and artistic activities;
  • Welcoming activities of faith groups and others seeking to work for social justice and peace;
  • Welcoming use of the house by individuals and groups for hospitality and celebration.